Saturday, 13 December 2008

Flowers that bloom in the sand

So, it's over. It is now 30 hours since we closed the Digital Economy sandpit. All the participants, facilitators, mentors and funders have gone home - probably to a good nights sleep - and are hopefully reflecting on what was, even by sandpit standards, an extraordinary week. The people who took part were the result of an intense competition for places - 31 out of 240 who applied. The scope of the underlying knowledge-base stretched from computer science, through a number of areas, to design. The potential challenges were as varied - the initial ideas were broad, but once the various inputs were added, the participants had an enormous canvas to paint on (bit of an in joke - sorry). That they came up with 7 varied but compelling projects is a testament both to them and to the process. They will now go away and distill the basis of their ideas into a standard research council application form. One thing I hope they do is capture the non-confidential basis of their ideas and post them on this blog. Certainly once they have submitted the full applications and they are approved, there will be the potential for using this blog as a means of communicating their progress to a wider community. In the meantime, I think they deserve their rest!!


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Therese said...

Thanks for what has been a fantastic and truly memorable week with an amazingly talented and diverse group of people. We are really looking forward to turning those sandpit ideas into full proposals and bringing the initial ideas to fruition in projects!

Sleep? whats that? we are still buzzing....