Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sandpit: what's in a name

Just to correct any misunderstanding, the title of this sandpit is 'Design in the Digital World: For the people, by the people'. The 'Digital Economy in Business' event was the (broader) scoping workshop preceeding the sandpit, where this sandpit topic had its genesis.

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malangela said...

thanks Richard,
I was indeed wondering about that: I find people more interesting than economy.
... but wait!!
I must admit I find ecology even more challenging and encompassing as a theme than economy.

Let me explain, as this thought is going around my head like an hamster. One need to have an understanding (λόγος - logy)of a house (οἴκος- eco) before managing it (νέμω - nomy). So, is anyone for a 'digital ecology sandpit' the next time around? :-)